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About Buying a Print


All photographs on the LightCraft site were taken, and are copyright, by Aengus MacIntosh. All images of people, except those taken in public places where a release is not required, have model releases and are available for commercial use. If you want to use an image commercially, please contact me.

If you want a print to display in your home, office, or elsewhere, I'd be pleased to sell you one (and flattered too).

My apologies to those who think exclusively in metric, but I still think of photographs in inch sizes*. This tendency is abetted by paper manufacturers who supply paper in ANSI sizes to the Canadian market, and frame suppliers who stock moldings in inch-multiples. For the sake of those who live with a saner system, I've included approximate metric conversions in what follows.

*And think of motorcycle piston diameters in millimeters, and - this particular wierdness foisted upon us by the plywood industry - of plywood lengths and widths in feet/inches, but plywood thickness in millimeters. I believe that the plywood silliness is unique to Canada.

Print Types 


Prints of all images  on the LightCraft site are available as prints on paper, using archival paper and pigment-based inks, in a variety of sizes (some have a larger size limit than others). Because the images themselves themselves have different aspect ratios (the length of the long side compared to the short side), image sizes can vary. Most, though not all, of the images on LightCraft have either a 4x5 or a 2x3 aspect ratio. Usually you can tell by looking which of the two major aspect ratios an image is (the 4x5 is squarer than the 2x3); I hope at some point to have the oddball sizes labelled, but feel free to inquire about any given image or images.


Some images (usually the monochrome ones) are available printed on aluminum. These come ready to hang with a mounting system that spaces them out from the wall by about 3/4" (19 mm). The sizes and aspect ratios I can get in aluminum are limited.


Other images (typically colour ones) are available mounted behind acrylic. These have a mounting system similar to the aluminum ones. I don't do a lot of images on acrylic, but this print style produces images that seem filled with light, and with the right image they create a lot of drama on the wall. Acrylic has no particular limitations on size or aspect ratio.


I also do some prints on canvas; the right images look gorgeous on this medium (this one works very well, for example). Canvas prints come mounted on stretchers, just like a painting. Again, size and aspect ratio are pretty much infinitely variable.

Limited Editions

Sometime in the near future, I'm going to write a screed in my blog about the folly of making "limited editions" of photographs. For now, just let me say that doing so is aimed at making photographs seem more like precious objects than for any reason inherent in the medium (unlike, for example, etchings, which do in fact have a limited print life).

However, some of the shows I enter accept only limited editions of photographs, and if I have entered a photo as a limited edition I will make only the edition number of these prints. Typically, an edition is of a given size and printed on a given medium - for example, an edition of seventeen on 40" x 60" canvas. 



Prices do not include shipping. If you inquire about buying a print, please tell me where I will be shipping it and I will let you know the shipping cost as well as the price of the print.

Taxes and Customs


Canadian buyers, alas, will be charged sales taxes based on the province to which the prints are shipped. Blame my accountant.

Other Countries

For countries other than Canada, I am not obliged to, nor will I, act as a tax collector for their governments. However, your government may charge you import taxes or duties when prints come into your country.

I am working on having prints made in the USA, UK, and the European union, to be drop-shipped directly to customers in those areas. This would eliminate the issue of import duties. 


Buy 5 or more prints in the same order (any size, any type) and get a 10% discount. Buy 10 or more and get a 20% discount.

Large multiples of the same size and type also get discounts. Let me know what you're thinking of ordering.

Paper Prints

The table shows prices for the most common smaller prints on paper. 

Aspect Ratio Image Size Price
2 x 3 6 " x 9" (~150 x 275 mm)  $  250
  14" x 21" (~356 x 533 mm)  $  725
4 x 5 8" x 10" (~203 x 254 mm)  $  275
  16" x 20" (~406 x 508 mm)  $  750


For larger sizes, please inquire. Oddball aspect ratio photos (like this one, for example) will usually have about the same price as more standard aspect ratio prints which have a similar length on the longest side.

Acrylic, Aluminum, and Canvas Prints

Sorry, incomplete at this time - please inquire for images that interest you. Just to give you an idea, an 8" x 12" image on aluminum will typically be $425; an aluminum 20" x 30", $850.

How to Buy

For now, it's a direct inquiry to me: let me know what image, general size, and print type you are interested in, and I'll work with you to determine what best fits your requirements from the prints available for that image. Once that has been sorted out, I'll be able to let you know what shipping charges and taxes (if any) are to be added. You pay me the total (through PayPal, or as otherwise agreed) and I ship you the print(s) you want, along with my sincere thanks :-)

If you live in Victoria, BC, and would like to arrange to view some prints, let me know and we can arrange a meeting.